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Pleasure and Aliveness

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Tarea offers intimacy & relationship intuitive alignment that specializes in helping individuals & couples heal from shame and abandonment trauma. Her mission is to help you feel the pleasure and aliveness you desire.

I grew up being taught that sex was wrong and my body wasn't good enough or even for me.

Sprinkle in a bit of disgust, shame, and guilt and you have a recipe for sexual “what the fuck?”.

In 2018 I began learning life changing skills that have taught me how beautiful and sacred my sexuality is and when safety, love, and belonging became the pillars of my life.

Now, I spend my time supporting new healthy sexual narratives with my clients.

This is what gives me the tremendous love, strength, and energy to be an empowered leader in this sexual healing revolution.

I use trauma-informed teachings, somatic tools, and tantric wisdom to support you from the inside out so you can see real impact towards your desires in sex, love, and your relationships.


Each day is an opportunity to remember who the hell you are, join me?

What I specialize in, but not limited to:

♡ Healing sexual shame 

♡ Inner child healing work

♡ Knowing what you want in you relationships and how to ask for it

♡ Communication up-leveling for healthy, thriving relationship dynamics 

♡ Self-love, purpose, and empowerment for more freedom 

♡ Body love 

♡ Expanding your pleasure experience and knowledge

♡ Healing mother/father/caregiver wounds 

♡ Curating the sex & intimacy life you desire

♡ Knowing what you really want and having healthy boundaries 

♡ Having an intimate connection with your body and intuition so you know when to say yes and no with ease

♡ Healing the people pleaser 

♡ Creating ritual & intimacy in your relationships 

♡ Tantra for individuals & couples

♡ Orgasmic reclamation & expansion



“The sessions I had with Tarea blew my mind because I saw results within so quickly. I became aware of things within myself that were hidden and were ready to be seen. Tarea held such a safe space for me to be vulnerable and real. My sessions with Tarea allowed me to open up and express in a way that I never thought I would be able to do. She made me feel so safe which allowed me to let out a lot of anger and sadness through an exercise that she led me through. I can’t imagine feeling that kind of safety to experience that with another person. It was so raw and so powerful!!! I released so much in just two sessions with her.”

Tess Mcmechan, Compassionate Growth Consultant


“I can’t recommend working with Tarea enough. We had a friend tell us about her, and my partner, Jesse, and I were so lucky to get to work with her for the 10 session package. We were very happy in our relationship but felt plateaued sexually and unsure of how to grow through it. 

Honestly, one of my favorite things about the sessions was how much time we spent giddy and laughing. The sessions gave us a new way to get to know each other. 

I was surprised at how quickly I felt close to Tarea, despite only meeting her online. Thank you so much Tarea! Your dedication has really changed the way that we view ourselves and each other within this realm of our relationship called our sexual connection. We are so grateful for your help growing on our path of deepening our respect, love, and understanding of each other.”

Iringo & Jesse, 10 week couples tantra package


“My goal with Tarea was to really explore and understand my orgasmic nature. I know that it’s a beautiful aspect of who I am, but when I tried to tap into it, it felt dangerous and not possible for me. It also hurt to have sex and I wanted to explore why that was.
Within 5 sessions:
♡ I had no pain during sex.
♡ She helped me to move through the pain and heaviness in my cervix and now it feels alive and golden.
♡ I discovered that my orgasmic nature feels like art, and music, and color.
♡ I own and celebrate my sexuality much more.
Since working with Tarea, I can:
♡ More easily connect to my desire and pleasure
♡ Feel more sensation and joy when I have sex with my partner
♡ Have longer and more powerful orgasms, and
♡ Can be turned on by things around me.

Tarea provided me with a powerful and safe space in which to move these vulnerable things. She is gentle yet lead me consciously through my own healing. I felt completely comfortable with her. I am so grateful for her work with me, and would highly recommend her!!”

Phoebe Dorin, Women’s Sex and Emotion Coach

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